We’ve added a couple of additional filters into 40Love.ai that will help with analysing your game.

Return Shot Filter

There is now an additional shot filter for the return. You can use the filter in a number of ways when watching your match.

You can:

  • watch the specific return shot of player
  • watch points of a player where they won or lost the point
  • watch return shots where the shot was a winner / out / net
  • and many more ways

Rally Length Filter

Did you know that on average 70% of points are between 0 – 4 shots in a tennis match? And the player who wins more points between 0 – 4 shots is more likely to win?

In our match stats we have been showing the rally length stats. We have now added a filter for rally lengths. You can use this filter to watch points that had 1 – 4 shots, 5 – 8 shots or 8+ shots.

You can:

  • watch a specific player winning / losing specific rally lengths
  • watch all 8+ rallies that were won on a forehand
  • watch short rallies that ended in a shot to the net or out
  • and many more ways

We hope you like the updates and if there are other features you’d like to see in 40Love.ai please let us know.