A couple of years ago, I started playing tennis seriously again after a long break from the game. I played tennis competitively in high school, but in college I really got into squash. But now I’m obsessed with becoming a better tennis player. 

I would like to be the best player in my club for starters. I’m now ranked around 7 out of 100 players in my club (up from a ranking of 30 at the start of the year). Another goal is to get to a USTA 5.0 level (that was the level at which I was playing squash; and I also won some tournaments at that level). 

Taking lessons in London (and from the best coaches I can find wherever I travel) is helping me improve, but I don’t want to just improve my technique. I want to become a better match player. It’s one thing to hit the backhand topspin drive during practice sessions and a completely different matter altogether to make a passing shot from that side when you’re down break point in a competitive match.

When I was playing squash competitively, I found that one of the fastest ways to improve my play in match situations was to review myself playing on video and to also go over that with a coach. However, video analysis in tennis is extremely tedious and a very time consuming exercise. It takes a long time to find the points that you want to analzye and review. 

Filip (also a competitive amateur player and my doubles partner), Ilmars Poikans (who started playing recently), and I recently started 40Love.ai to make video analysis faster and easier. Using our service, players can quickly get to the parts of the match that they want to analyze. If you’re a serious recreational player, a coach, or the parent of a high school or college player, give our service a try! Our service is in beta, so is still a bit raw. Would love to get your feedback.