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Why we started 40Love.ai

We love tennis and tech. Combining them together to create a powerful tool for players and coaches was something that drove our founders to create 40Love.ai.

Our founders, Ramesh Haridas and Filip Ljubicic are huge tennis enthusiasts and technologists. The mix of Tennis and Tech, bringing them together offers huge potential for both players and coaches to help improve their game.

Ramesh Haridas - Founder

Before start 40Love.ai, Ramesh has previously founded AI startup InboxVudu that was acquired by Google. His experience and knowledge of AI allows us to build incredibly powerful and sophisticated services for players and coaches.

Filip Ljubicic - CEO

Filip has been involved in sport since a young age. He represented Great Britain in rowing. His previous startup, Rowe.rs and Ludum.com is used by Olympic athletes and coaches in endurance sports, helping them plan their training and improve. His knowledge of the sports industry and athlete insights allow us to build technology to help players improve every day.

Our Team

Our team is made up of people who have revolutionised industries like email, education and sport. We have always been builders of technologies that change the way people go about their daily lives. With 40Love we use new technologies to help players and coaches improve their performance

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