Match Analysis for your Team

Get insights you'd only ever see on the tour.

Record your match with an iPhone / Android / GoPro and our Artificial Intelligence will show you more.

Player Profiles

See videos specific to a player on their player profile

All Videos in One Place

Keep your match videos safe and secure in one place for your team to access.

Give Feedback

Add feedback to videos that players can see and review.

Save Time Editing Matches

Watch matches 5x Faster. We will remove all the dead time between points so you can just watch the action. You will no longer have to watch players collecting balls or changing ends.

Typically a 2 hour match becomes 20 minutes.


Get Stats Like On The Tour

With each match video we produce stats that will tell you what happened during the match. Our AI automatically calculates what happened and we display the stats for you to analyse. The follow stats are displayed:

Momentum Graph
Rally Lengths
Serve Stats
Match Stats

Watch Points / Shots You Want To See

Want to watch forehand winners or backhands into the net? 

Our AI recognises the shots and the outcome of the shots. Allowing you to filter what you want to see. You can filter by the following:

By Shot Type - Serve / Forehand / Backhand / Volley / Smash / Dropshot

By Outcome - In / Out / Net

By Player

Automatic Highlight Generation

We produce 10 highlight points from your match. Our AI is able to detect the best points and rallies in the match and we put them together in one highlight reel. We also produce each highlight as an individual video for you to download.

Additional Features


Unlimited Team Members

No matter how many players you have you'll be able to add them all to and get all the benefits for all your members.


Slow Motion Video Player

Our video player lets you watch every match, every point in slow motion.



You can add comments to the video, and we will tag it to that moment in the match. Always connecting the comment to the moment in the match.

How does it work makes it easy to get match analysis from any device. Our web platform lets you upload your video and see the stats after the video has been processed.

Record Match

Setup an iPhone / Android / GoPro to record your match. Ideally place the device directly behind one player capturing all the lines and as much of the player nearest the camera.

Upload to
In your account upload your video. You can upload the following video formats: .mp4, .mov, .avi. Once it is uploaded we will process the video.
Video Processing

We convert all videos from their original format to be compatible with our AI. The conversion is normally the same length as the video. The video is then processed multiple times. Firstly to generate the highlights and Rapid Match. Secondly to create the stats and filters.

See everything on one page

Once the videos have been processed you will get an email telling you they are ready. Your match video will have a unique page where all the stats, filters, highlights will appear. You can then comment, download or share these with your athletes to help them improve their play.


Per Month

See All Team Pricing
  • Upload 25 hours per month
  • Unlimited Members
  • Rapid Match
  • Highlights
  • Shot Filters
  • Slow Motion
  • Comments


Per Month

See All Team Pricing
  • Upload 25 hours per month
  • Unlimited Members
  • Rapid Match
  • Highlights
  • Shot Filters
  • Slow Motion
  • Comments
  • Match Stats
  • Rally Length

Cancel Any Time

We understand that your time on the court varies from month to month. You can cancel or pause your account at any moment. No questions asked.