We love sharing our own RapidMatches and highlights with friends but it wasn’t easy to do until now.

We’ve built a share feature into all individual accounts in 40Love.ai that allow you to share your match highlights and the RapidMatch of your video. Videos uploaded to team account will not have the ability to share videos externally of the team.

What you can see on a shared video page:

  • 10 highlights
  • RapidMatch (full match video shortened by 80 – 90% showing only the points)

Ways you can share your videos:

  • Coaches can share with parents or players
  • Parents can share videos with coaches or their children
  • Players can share videos with coaches and friends.

Here is an example of one of my matches: https://my.40love.ai/share/e0a14e91-04d7-4b8a-88b3-ee109abb001e