For Players

Review matches in 1/5th of the time

Why Highlights?

Watch your 2 hour match in 20 mins 

Watch your own progress

AI Generated highlights

Promote your sponsors

Share on Instagram & more

Save time for you and your coach

Target improvements

How Highlights works?

Attach phone to the back of the court

Setup phone to capture all the key lines.

Record the match and upload the footage to

Our technology compresses a two hour match to just 20 minutes of a video by removing all of the down time

Our AI will automatically generate shareable highlights for you to share with friends, coaches and more

See the stats from your match. Our AI will soon recognise what you did during the match (coming soon)

Start improving today

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my coach access the videos?

You can share your account with your coach or send the highlights via WhatsApp / Instagram

How do I upload my videos?

You can upload your videos from your phone or via your computer. Just login to your account and go to the upload page and follow the steps here.

How do I record my matches?

1. Attach your smartphone to the fence behind you
2. Use the front-facing camera to get the right angles
3. Press record.