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Watch match videos 5x faster

Review matches faster

With our RapidMatch service you will be able to watch a 2 hour match in 20 minutes. Our RapidMatch algorithm removes all the time between points and gives you a video with just the points. Allowing you to watch a match uninterrupted. 

With each video you will also receive highlights of the best points.

Djokovic vs Federer match was shortened to 1 hour from 5 hours.

Watch points in slow motion

Our video player allows you to watch videos in normal speed as well as slow motion. Making it easier to show a player their errors or places where they can improve.

Share feedback with players

Your are able to leave comments on videos that are linked to the time in the video. Making it easy for your players to review and see the comment with the actual footage.

Store videos in one place

All your videos are stored in one account. Making it easy to access at any time and watch them when you need them. 


Creating cropped match

Creating sharable highlights

Track player progress

Easy review matches

Improve player performance through video

Leave comments and instructions for your players

Use with multiple players

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